Close Quarter Combat (CQB) Training Program
PCTA is proud to introduce its new close quarter combat training program featuring GySgt. Hans Marrero (USMC Ret.).

Hans' CQB system is designed to override the central nervous system to provide immediate incapacitation and control of suspects. In most cases, these techniques lead to simple, easy to master control holds and cuffing techniques. Further, the techniques for self-preservation against armed combatants at close range can give your officers the tools they need to protect themselves against deadly force threats when their firearm may not be a useable option. These techniques are designed to save officers lives and enable them to gain control of suspects with minimal risk of injury to both the officer and the suspect.

Combative Martial Arts
Unlike many instructors who have developed techniques based on competitive martial arts, where results are judged by points, Hans has developed his techniques in combative martial arts, where results are judged by situational effectiveness and VICTORY.

Techniques Used in Combat
Hans has personally used these techniques in combat against armed combatants with AK-47 assault rifles, knives, pistols, and machetes - successfully disarming the threats with close quarter hand to hand techniques.

Training Warriors
Winner of the Navy / Marine Corps Medal for Heroism and Gold Medal Winner of the Super Squad Competition for the best trained infantry squad in the Marine Corps, Hans has worked extensively with special operations units within the Navy, Marine Corps, and Army. Now he brings this highly effective system to the warriors who protect us within our own borders.

CQB Demo Video
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Hans Marrero
Hans Marrero is, "one of the Marine Corps' preeminent philosophers of close combat." - Thomas E. Ricks, Author, Making the Corps

Promoted to 10th degree Black Belt
Commander Hans Marrero - Recently promoted to 10th degree Black Belt in the Kobushi Sessen-Jutsu system (Feudal Warrior Close Combat Art) by Hanshi Ronald Donvito Founder and Grand Master 10th Degree Black Belt

U.S. Marine Corps
Former Chief Instructor - Hand to Hand Combat U.S. Marine Corps

Black Belt Hall of Fame
Black Belt Hall of Fame & International Instructor of the Year - November 2000

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CQB - Close Quarter Battle

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